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4 tips for tanning properly

Hello everyone! In summer many of us like to go to the beach to tan and relax. In this post I will give you some tips to protect your skin properly and get an ideal tan  😉

TIP 1: Choose a goodtime to sunbath

I like to go to the beach in the morning, as there are usually fewer people and the sunrays are less dangerous.

If you go in the morning like me, I  recommend you to stay maximum until 12pm to protect your skin from the UVA rays. The worst hours for sunbathing are from 12pm to 5pm, because the sun is perpendicular to us and this makes that our skin become more damaged. That is why my first advice is not to sunbath at the most dangerous hours.

TIP 2: Protect your skin. Which cream do I use?

The second tip, and not the less important, is to use a good sun cream.

There are many types and brands of sun creams. In the supermarket you will find several of them. Nevertheless, me and my family use a brand that is sold in pharmacies. You can find value-for-money brands that are protecting your skin safely.

Other tips I can give you about this topic are the following:

  • Before going to the beach do not apply perfume or any other products with alcohol on your skin, as the contact of the sun with products that contain alcohol can irritate the skin.
  • Clean and hydrate your skin with a sun cream. I use one with sun protection-30 or higher, depending on the weather. For my children I use a protection +50. There are special creams for children because their skin is more delicate than ours, so I advise you to ask at the pharmacy which is the best option for children.
  • It is also very important to apply the cream 30 minutes before going to the beach, as it is the time that it takes for our skin to absorb the product. After each bath it is good to apply the cream again to continue protecting the skin.
  • When we get home after a beach day, I usually take a shower and then apply after-sun. I leaves the skin soft and fresh. Sometimes I also use Aloe Vera gel. This gel is more natural and beneficial for the skin.

TIP 3: The beach bag, carries everything you need.

Apart from the sun cream, I always wear a cap or a hat to not burn my scalp. Many children do not like wearing a hat or cap because it bothers them, but it is very important that they wear it while they are playing on the shore. There are children’s hats with elastics that hold very well.

Furthermore, I also apply a hair-spray with protection and vitamins for it. After the summer, the hair is quite spoiled by the sun and the water. You will find many types of capillary sunscreens on the internet or in specialized stores.

Another important thing to take with you to the beach is the lip balm, the sunglasses and a cooler with water and some soda to not dehydrate. We also carry a card game and some other stuff to have fun with family and friends. The last but not the least, the most important is to take the umbrella and the towel   😉

TIP 4: Take antioxidants with beta-carotene for an ideal tan

As you know in the internet you will find thousands of tricks to get the perfect tan, but something quite effective is to eat food with Betacarotene and Alfacarotene. These antioxidants help to protect your skin and make it brighter. The best-known foods with these antioxidants are carrot, sweet potato, mango, pumpkin or spinach, among many others.

Sometimes before going to the beach I prepare a carrot and spinach smoothie. Yummi!!! I usually mix it with some fruit usually with melon or orange (juice). Simply mix some spinach leaves, a large carrot, chopped fruit and a cup of very cold water (sometimes I put ice too) and blend it all.

If you drink it the first thing in the morning your body will absorb the vitamins much better. This smoothy is very good also to purify the body and detoxify it.

Well, I hope I could help you with all these tips to get proper tan. The main thing is that you are aware of protecting your skin from the sun to get the perfect tan. If you want to share how you tan and what tricks you use, you can leave your comments on our social networks, I’ll be happy to read them.


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