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Hotel with modern rooms in Calella

This time I want to talk about great news at Kaktus Hotels, the company I work for. It is about the new rooms that will be inaugurated the season 2018 at Kaktus Playa in Calella.

A few weeks ago, we were informed about these new rooms and I can now talk to you about them and how the project was developed 🙂


Every year a part of the hotel is improved or renovated, and the next season 2018 it is time for the new rooms, located in one wing of the hotel building. Step by step, we are modernizing and keeping it up to date in every way.

In 2016 I took part on the relaunch of Kaktus Hotels brand, with a much more modern, elegant and refreshing style. A brand with a long history and experience that does not stop innovating, trying to keep up to date. I loved this project of redesign and modernization of the brand and I am very happy that this style began to be implemented also in the facilities and decoration of the hotel.

THE NEW ROOMS           

These new rooms will have the name of URBAN Superior. The name was chosen to highlight even more the style of these rooms. Rooms with urban style, which are usually found in large cities such as Barcelona.

With this works, there will be a total of 76 rooms, larger and more spacious. Besides, they will have large windows that will make these rooms brighter.

What else can I tell you about this rooms? Oh yeah! Colours! Black, grey, bronze, white and turquoise, the colours of the Mediterranean:

  • Black of elegance and modernity, identifying our facilities
  • Bronze of the sand of Calella beaches
  • White of the waves that break against the rocks of the beach
  • Turquoise of the sea, the essence of Barcelona Coast


A model room was made in order to review all the materials, colours and design. From this room the final decision of each detail was taken.

On our  website  you can see the pictures I took of this room in order to show a more detailed view to those who might be interested in booking this type of rooms. I’m really looking forward to seeing them finished 🙂

I will keep giving further details about URBAN Superior rooms in future posts, as well as all the technical innovations they incorporate.


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